Launch of single – Take Me home


That is is the title of my very first recorded song. (Yay Linda!)

I’ve always loved music. I sing in the car, in the shower, in the kitchen,….if I’m not singing I have music playing.

Recording a song is something I always wanted to do. It’s one of those things that I told myself that I’d do one day. But I never acted on it.

Getting diagnosed with cancer reminded me that I will never have enough time to do the things I tell myself I will do ‘one day’. It’s now or never. And so one day, just after I’d started chemo, I started writing words I was feeling. I then called to make an appointment with a producer, Kaz Kasozi, one night while I was in bed, eager to get my foot in while I still had the nerve. And so the minute I felt well enough, I went to his ‘Little Room Studio’. I was by myself, still unsure of what I was doing, apprehensive of the fact that someone who’d worked with professionals would not want to work with me. But he was so easy to work with it made the process worth it.

And finally, 4 sessions, 5 months later I had a song!

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