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What is dis thing?

I must admit that I have an ostrich mentality when it comes to solving my problems. I like to close my eyes and wish them away. Unfortunately it seldom works.

Nope. Not dealing with life today.

I’d noticed a lump on the lower part of right breast for about 6 months before I decided to see a doctor about it. It felt like a marble, smooth, and would move slightly when touched. It didn’t hurt so it was quite easy to ignore it (again, ostrich in the house). But after talking to two friends who’d had similar lumps that were quickly removed, in March 2017, I finally went for a medical review that resulted in the decision to have an operation done that would ‘pluck’ it out.

This was a mistake.

I have since learnt that doctors in Uganda are accustomed to recommending surgery to remove lumps of this nature without first carrying out a biopsy to determine if there is anything of concern that should be noted. As a 30 year old ‘fairly’ healthy female, it was assumed that it would be a clean simple operation.

First off, it wasn’t. Worst 2 hours of my life! I was awake through the operation and even if I felt no pain, I felt every poke and prod. At one point the anaesthesia ran out and had to be re-administered because I’d started feeling the pinch. Horrid affair! Most important though is that the doctor and I never considered that this lump I’d been hosting for almost a year could have the potential to be a danger to my life. I was even told that the tissue (from the lumps) were going to be tested as a formality and I shouldn’t expect to be concerned.



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