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Breast Prostheses Fundraiser


To set up a ‘cottage factory’ that will manufacture and distribute low cost Breast Prostheses to Ugandan women who have undergone mastectomies during treatment for breast cancer.
This project stems from the need to assist the Cancer Aid Organization under the Uganda Cancer Society to purchase the machinery/equipment & materials necessary for this project.


Ms Linda Tusiime, the co-founder of Lumps Away Foundation, is a survivor of breast cancer. During and after her treatment, in interactions with fellow survivors and patients, one of the harsh realizations is that many women in Uganda who undergo mastectomies during their treatment do not have sources to acquire breast prostheses in country. Those who are able to have to rely on seeking imported prostheses that are not as easy to acquire whilst also very expensive.

Overview – Statistics on Breast Cancer 

(source – 2018 WHO Report – International Agency for Research on Cancer)

  • 2nd most common type of cancer in women & 3rd across both sexes
  • Out of 2,318 cases reported in 2018, there were 1,076 deaths
  • Ranked 7th among different cancers with highest mortality rates
  • A number of women who are diagnosed have to undergo a mastectomy which is the removal of the whole breast.

Psychological impacts of this procedure (mastectomy):

  • fear of recurrence
  • feeling of body incompleteness
  • inconvenience in working and social communication
  • less sexual desire and low spirit.

Many women have even rejected medication for fear of losing their breasts and being shunned in the community or even by their partners. Further, breast reconstruction is not an option a majority of women in Uganda can afford. To make matters worse, there is no known local provider in the country to make and provide breast prostheses, a fact that makes the lives of ordinary women post breast cancer very difficult.

Project Description


With the support of the Cancer Aid Organization under the Uganda Cancer Society, Lumps Away Foundation, in partnership with Gala Image Consulting and Switch Media are running a fundraising drive to support local production of artificial breasts for women that have undergone mastectomy.

Breast prostheses (artificial breasts)  What are they?

A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast form that replaces the shape of all or part of the breast that has been removed. It fits in a bra cup with or without a bra pocket.


  • Survivors and patients are more positive minded as their physical outlook can be maintained even after surgery.
  • A weighted prosthesis helps to balance the body and anchor the bra, preventing back or neck pain or shoulder sagging.
  • Enable survivors and patients readjust into society after the body altering changes they have to undergo.


Short Term Goals:

  • Raise funds / in kind for the establishment of the breast prostheses ‘cottage factory’
  • Initial donation collection by 31st December 2020 to enable Phase 1 of set up of Cottage Factory.

Long Term Goals:

  • ‘cottage factory’ to hire primarily breast cancer survivors as they understand the needs of the customers
  • Breast Prostheses manufactured to be available for sale at low cost in country (a first!) with potential to distribute for free by the UCS.
  • Extra proceeds to be utilized by UCS for research into better materials that can be used, as well as other breast cancer related projects.