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Still recuperating

I woke up this morning fully energized to continue my dreary tale from where I stopped. I swear. It’s been one hour infront of my laptop but my brain isn’t happy that I didn’t give it ample notice. So I’ve stopped stressing it out. I know when to give up.Β 

Good news is, last chemotherapy (#4) on Tuesday went pretty well!!!! It’s been one week of nausea, constant body aches and a cough that just won’t quit. Fortunately, I can finally feel my taste buds working. I’ve really missed eating food and enjoying it. I just want to say though that this last one has not been as bad as the previous ones, this time I haven’t spent my nights writhing in pain on the cold hard floor, I didn’t have any complicated toilet situations, my doctor has been spared the late night panic phone calls, …… I’m not sure if it’s because my system has become accustomed to the torture (you know, like how we just say, ‘hhmm,okay, it’s not so bad’ and stay in a bad relationship), or because I’ve been eating well, or it could be God having mercy on my poor little soul. Whatever it is, I am not complaining. I’m just glad it’s over and I hope to never have to go through that again.

By now, I’m usually waltzing into the office to get back to work. I fancy myself Wonder Woman so I force myself to get back to work a week after chemo, no excuses. Plus, It’s always awesome when everybody is happy to see you and you get your 15 minutes of ‘Everybody loves and misses Linda’.

i was going to attach names but I could get in trouble

Unfortunately, it turns out that having a weakened immune system makes simple things like cough and colds much much worse. Everything hurts even when you sneeze. So I’m still laying low for now, my small effort not to infect the good people at my place of work while also avoiding any further infection that I could catch. (If you find me wearing a face mask when you visit, don’t ask any questions)

it’s not you, it’s me

Conclusion good news, my hair has started growing back! I warn you though, you will need a magnifying glass to see the puny isolated strands of hair. I can’t lie, it’s pretty pathetic but I can still brag about it.

15 thoughts on “Still recuperating

      1. My diΓ  Linda, I M not crying but happy abt the strength you have shown in this struggle. Wat I can tell you is that iam seriously praying for you, you are such a great fighter, indeed the dignified fighter, you are not alone in this. Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

  1. You will over come this storm n God is most definitely fighting for you endlessly. Be blessed πŸ’–πŸ’“

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