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When plans go awry

You know those people who get on the dance floor and embarrass you, your unborn children and their friends, your ancestors, and mankind? I’m one of those people.

I love dancing, a good beat can’t pass me by without my attempting to shake something.  So last year, ofcourse I signed up at a dance competition during a Christmas party (to be fair, I say ‘Hell yeah!’ to every competition, call it FOMO). On that note, I would like to sadly inform Christmas that this year I will be missing all the fun end of year parties in Kampala. I know, très triste. More on that later. 

Anyway, I danced my heart out. This way, that way, back way, front way. I was on fire!!!!

i like to move it, move it…

And guess what? I was one of the winners! (Very lucky, heh? but mostly coz I gat mad skills on the dance floor) The prize was a ticket to Paris!! Now, I looove to travel. Anywhere and anyhow. I just like going to new places just for just. I’m still on chemo but I’ve been trying to convince a friend of mine to accept a trip out of the city for a weekend (I think I just have itchy legs)

After I won the ticket I planned for myself the holiday of all holidays so that I could travel during muzungu summer (we have sunshine all year in Uganda so summer is a foreign term for some of us). It was going to be such a bad ass holiday that I’d be jealous of myself for years afterwards. It was going to be so rad that even the Kardashians would want to copy me. It was going to be so exciting that I’d probably need a sedative to calm down whenever I thought about it after…….You get the point.

So you can imagine my extra dismay when I was diagnosed. I had only a month to the vacation of the century and I was being told that I had cancer. Now, some people would cancel these plans and focus on getting well first. Not I, no sir. I remember the night I found out, I went home and was writing down a list of questions to ask the doctor the next day. And this question HAD to be asked.

‘Can I still travel while we’re dealing with how to beat this?’

For me I had two options:

  1. If I was going to die, I should first have myself a good time.
  2. If I wasn’t going to die then surely I could still go kko and then come back to face the music.
  3. (Bonus option) My bikinis should maximize the time they had left with ‘you know what’

Sigh……..This Linda with her messed up priorities.



4 thoughts on “When plans go awry

  1. Oh my dear, with a big heart. This is so inspiring though sad to me. I have learnt a lot from and still learning.
    Keep fighting solider because you have a positive attitude even in trying moments.
    Am praying For you and will wear a pink ribbon which am going to make as a sign of joining you in the fight.
    I send love and prayers and can’t wait to also jump and dance on the tables when you recover

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