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When the internet keeps you sane

I’m the type of person who turns to Google for EVERYTHING. It doesn’t matter if it’s as mundane as wondering how to properly pick ones teeth or something as serious as ‘how to get over a break up in 5 days’ (yes, that is a serious topic, you wouldn’t believe the things that search will come up with). When you go to the internet, there’s always someone somewhere who’s one day asked the same question you’re thinking. At least that much I’m certain.

no question is too stupid

So naturally, after I was diagnosed, I turned to Google for all my cancer related questions. I’m a practical person, so I was more eager to read about women who’d gone through similar experiences than be miserable (don’t get me wrong, I was still a miserable mess but informed miserable – there’s a difference). I bookmarked medical sites, blogs, articles…I joined support groups online from which I’d get responses within a few hours from different people, some of whom were undergoing treatment. Reading about them with their different versions of cancer but were still hopeful gave me so much strength. I became less concerned with the disease but more with keeping myself aware of what I should be prepared for. It’s at this point that I started telling a few of my friends and got valuable insight from those who had relations who’d dealt with it.

I also learnt something else. Talking about these things may seem hard, scary and somewhat intrusive. But it’s what will save someone from going insane. I’ll forever be thankful to these women and men I will never know – who are open to the world with the delicate aspects of what they were/are going through.


Here’s a few great sites that are still my go-to literary places:


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