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A sigh of relief

5th May 2017. The day I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My Cancer-versary.  Anyway, I still remember this day like it was yesterday. The bad weather, the excitement I had for my evening, and then Baaam! (The Diagnosis)

15th April 2018. The day Dr. Okuku finally said the words I’d been dying to hear as he looked through my test results, “Linda, you’re ok, you’re free of cancer. Relax.”

I’d been waiting for test results from Nairobi for about 5 months. They call it a FISH test. I’m going to get a little technical here. My cancer was ER+ (estrogen-receptor-positive). My cancer’s growth was being fed by estrogen hence the need for hormonal therapy for a while to block the source of food for my cancer. (I’m still on this treatment). So to determine if I’d need another specific type of treatment, my HER2 protein levels also needed to be checked. Depending on what the HER2 result was, I’d need to go on another treatment for a whole year. The doctor had previously mentioned that I’d probably have to estimate 25k$ for this treatment (I always hoped he was exaggerating).

Now, the not so good news is the results were ‘Equivocal’. This basically means they are non-conclusive. It could be because the tissue had been kept for such a long time. The good news though was that this test was the final ‘just incase’. I’d already done all the necessary things I needed to do for my Stage 1 BC; surgery (double check) – chemotherapy (check) – radiotherapy (check) – hormonal therapy (still on check) – meditation (this is an extra 🙂 ) According to Dr. Okuku, the storm is over.

you know whamsayin’

I had been having this nagging feeling for a while – “What will I do if the FISH test comes back positive?” It’s something I’d think about almost every night. So I was mindlessly glad to finally sleep well that weekend.

If you see me smiling to myself, don’t ask questions, just fall in. I’m happy. My life’s button just went on reset and I’m going to use it well.

Even though it’s officially over, I still have loads to share so keep an eye on my blog 🙂 I love you! (Blergh, that sounded off. I don’t know how white people say it so comfortably)



14 thoughts on “A sigh of relief

  1. Congratulations Linda! I wish I could say I have walked this journey with you but that would be a very disrespectful lie so I will not even! I have been and will be a very avid reader of this blog, trying as I might to live the emotion with you. You have earned that reward methinks

  2. Glory to God Linda
    You are a great fighter , though a tiny one 🙂 joke apart …you kept your smile on despite the big challenge. You inspired many by sharing your challenging journey. it’s indeed time to reset your life and to enjoy it to the fullest.

  3. I am happy for you Linda and God the answered prayers. Your an inspiration to many. Thanks for sharing with us on how to take care of our health and bodies even when it was not easy but you wanted to save many of us.
    I will continue checking your blog.
    Best regards

  4. To know that you can finally breath easily… I can almost imagine this relief, it must feel like a load off your sholders.
    Linda… You know now what some people may never know and that’s to cherish the gift of life, to live, breath and to sigh with gratefulness at the end of every day. May you brush off your future ups and downs as ‘it could have been worse/I have seen worse’.
    All the best my friend.

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