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My very own love letter

Dear 2018 Linda,

It’s a new year. You made it.

I love the feeling of hope we all have just because the dates are changing. It’s the same feeling I used to get on my birthday. Excited to ‘start afresh’ (as if – rolling eyes) and eager for what the next year will bring. It’s like, because the year is changing, magically life will give you a break, it’ll stop being such a grouch and finally listen to what you want. Because the year is changing, we have carte blanche to make a list, throw it to the sky and wait to reap. Ahhhh…such a lovely time.

ICapture.PNG love the new year. I almost never follow through on many of my resolutions but I like to make them anyway.

Obviously this year has been difficult for me and those around me…It started with so much hope and then it got carried away and became…well….life. And as cliché as this sounds..hard times do teach endurance. In oneself and in those around you. Hard times make you realise what and who is important.

That being said, I’m not saying I’m wiser now but I feel that as you go into the next year, I could teach you a thing or two:

  1. You’re stronger than you look. Don’t let your size deceive you.
  2. You have amazing people around you. Treasure them . Your family, your friends, your workmates, treasure them all.
  3. Get in tune with your spiritual self. You need to be strong on the inside for any amount of hugs and warm thoughts from others to be able to help you when life becomes scary.
  4. Don’t be so superficial. In the end, it doesn’t really matter.
  5. There will always be people who don’t understand you or the things that you do. That’s ok. Continue to be true to what makes you happy.
  6. If you feel like doing something. Do it! (Within reason of course) But don’t waste time stopping yourself from living just because you’re afraid. You honestly mostly regret the actions you didn’t take.
  7. For heaven’s sake, eat better!
  8. If someone attempts to teach you something new, please pay attention and learn it. (This mostly goes to that dance lesson you badly need)
  9. Say ‘Yes’ to as many opportunities as possible.
  10. This list is pretty lame but hey, sometimes its the lame shit that’ll keep you sane.


Goodbye my sweet, and good luck!


2017 Linda (I’m glad I’m gone for good)

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