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To the fathers here…and not


Today is Father’s Day. I’ll be honest, I had no freaking idea. Thank God for social media though, my news feed has been flooded with compliments, words of admiration, remembrance and love for fathers everywhere. It’s nice to see ‘the other parent’ celebrated.

I’m a believer in giving praise to one to encourage good behaviour. I personally think the reason I enjoy cooking fish stew is because my mother used to praise my stew (I mean, I don’t even particularly like fish). When you acknowledge something that someone does well, even if there’s room for growth, you’ll be surprised at how much extra work they’ll put in to be the epitome of perfection. A friend of mine who’d just become a father once shared that there is a special type of pressure that comes with being a father, and even though he knew his kids had a closer bond with his wife, his sense of obligation to do right by them never waned and he admitted to liking it he was told he was a good father. So yes, I’m all for heaping praise on the dads in our lives. Never stop!

Some of us have only memories to hold on to. My father passed 5 years ago and I’m sure like many of my fellow ‘orphans’, it’s not only in the bad times that we miss them, but also and sometimes mostly in the good times. I always imagine how happy my father would be with every little success I achieve. Like me, he had a flair for dramatic so I miss hearing his inevitable “Wow! That’s excellent. Fantastic Chichiba!” (that’s not a made up word, that was his nickname for me). So today, let’s remember to honour our dear departed fathers (even though they’re probably watching us from heaven with their palms on their foreheads), because they did good, and we have to celebrate that.

Happy Fathers Day!

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